The Learn to Sail courses offered are ‘Start Sailing’.


Start Sailing provides a safe & enjoyable introduction to dinghy sailing for beginners. Participants will have fun on the water and at the same time acquire the necessary skills to be responsible and competent in a boat.

The course includes an introduction to boat handling skills & essential safety knowledge that will allow participants the freedom of sailing small boats with guidance from an instructor or coach.

These class acts as a platform to more advanced training courses or alternatively, once you have completed Start Sailing 2 you should be ready to join our Sailing Club straight away!

Adult courses are held over a single weekend from 9am to 4pm. The courses are run in 14ft Vagabond dinghies and a safety boat is always on hand to ensure safety.

Once you have some proficiency in Sailing you can then try out our Sailing Club activities .Go to the page at this link for further information.

Sailing Club and training Calendar for to From January 2023

Upcoming Courses

Course Prerequisites Age Group Cost Session Dates Session Times  
Adult Sailing 1   14 Upwards $260 TBA    
Adult Sailing 2 Adult Sailing 1 14 Upwards $260 TBA 9.00am to 4.00pm  
Adult Sailing 1   14 Upwards $260 TBA 9.00am to 4.00pm  
Adult Sailing 2 Adult Sailing 1 14 Upwards $260 TBA 9.00am to 4.00pm  
Adult Sailing 1   14 Upwards $260 TBA 9.00am to 4.00pm  

If the course you would like is not currently advertised, please contact us and we will make sure we let you know when the next suitable course is announced.


What age is this course suitable for?
Adult courses are for anyone 14 years of age or over.

What is a Vagabond dinghy?
A small, light boat that you generally rig ashore and launch every time you go sailing. They are big enough that there will be two kids to a boat learning to sail as a team. They are great fun to sail with an immediate response. However, there are some conditions where you will need to be quick and agile to balance the boat. If you don’t mind ending up in the water occasionally, dinghies might be just the thing for you.

What is the Course Syllabus?
Basic boat handling skills
Safety equipment and clothing
Rigging & preparing a boat
Ropework and basic knots
Sailing techniques, tacking
Rescue Procedures, towing
Launching & recovery
Sailing Theory, no go zone
Wind aware, tides & currents

What happens in bad weather?
If conditions are considered to be unsuitable for safety, a session will be called off before or during that session. If the session is called off beforehand it will be rescheduled to a later date.

What do I bring?
Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit, a warm jumper, shoes that can get wet, a water bottle, a change of clothes (minimal wardrobe needed) and a spray jacket. Be sure to pack this in a flexible soft bag. Please avoid bringing valuables.

What about meals?
For weekend courses, our Restaurant and Bar is open for lunch and drinks after the sailing. Students are provided with a discount voucher to use at the Restaurant.

How do I sign up?
Follow the link at the top of this page. Once you have signed up we will contact to arrange payment. Payment can be made via credit card in person or over the phone or via bank transfer.

Where do I start?
Queensland Cruising Yacht Club is located in Sinbad Street, Shorncliffe on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek.
Dinghy courses operate out of the Training Shed. As you enter the Club through the pedestrian gates, turn right and you will find the green shed at the far end of the site.

What happens if we can’t get to every lesson?
Whilst there are no refunds for missed lessons, our Instructors will try and ensure everyone reaches the end of the course. If required a ‘make-up’ lesson may be arranged at the end of the course.