If you are looking to expand your crewing experience in keel boats then QCYC provides an ideal setting to do so.  We actively takes steps and encourage crew members of the Club and Skippers who are seeking crew to be placed in touch.

We administer a Facebook Group under the name QCYC Sailing Club which is open to any member of QCYC who holds sailing membership (ie with an ASN).  The club conducts a regular schedule of Bay racing through day sailing events.  This proves to be an ideal platform for inexperienced crew members to gain new skills, and for more seasoned crew members to advance their skill sets.

This is the best entry point for anyone wishing to pursue an exciting and challenging pathway into the sport of sailing in keelboats. In order to participate though, you will need at least Crew Membership of QCYC which allows you to be issued with an Australian Sailing Number (ASN) from Australian Sailing.  It is recommended that you first complete an introduction to Keelboat Sailing Course with an accredited sailing school, to see whether you wish to pursue your interest further.

For Registration of your details and interest as regular Crew please do so at this link Crewing Registration.

To express interest in coming on board with QCYC, and if you need any further information, please email us at this link as to the details of your full name, skill levels, age, contact detail and other relevant matters you wish to add.  We will arrange to get back in touch to help you make the correct choice for your circumstances, to enable you to take the first steps into an exciting world of Keelboat sailing and racing.

For those who are already Crew members of QCYC and wish to make contact with the view to being placed with a boat, simply follow the link to the QCYC Sailing Club Facebook Group.  If you are not already a member of the group it may be entered by making a request for membership of the group, or you may be nominated by someone who already is a member of the group.  Current QCYC membership ie Full, Family or Crew membership (with ASN number) is essential for group membership.