We keep a Register of names of persons interested in giving crewing a go, without any need for sign up to anything more than Social membership. Your details will be available to Skippers of vessels involved in club and bay races.

This is the best entry point for anyone wishing to pursue an exciting and challenging pathway into the sport of sailing in keelboats. However, once you have started and if you wish to continue beyond 3 club or bay races, you will need to have at least Crew Membership of QCYC which allows you to be issued with an Australian Sailing Number from Australian Sailing.

To join the register, please email us at the link as to the details of your full name, skill levels, age, contact detail and other relevant matters you wish to add.

As mentioned above a minimum of social membership is required to join the register. However once you have completed 3 club or bay races you will be required to progress your application to Crew Membership or higher with QCYC.