Queensland Cruising Yacht Club’s 2022-2023 summer racing calendar begins in September with the Bribie Cup Yacht Race. Three races spread over September and October make up the Flag Officers Series. The second series of the calendar, the Bramble Bay series starts with two races in November, one in December and one in February. The Heritage Series commences in February with the Ken O’Brien Memorial Race, followed by the Pearl Channel Race in March and the Life Members Race in April.

These eleven races combined make up the Club Championship competition for both monohulls and multihulls. Monohulls may also compete for the Gold Cup, which includes all the above races, plus the Night Series and Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.

The Surf to City Yacht Race is hosted by the Club in January and is part of the Ocean Points Score competition, along with the Fairway Challenge (a MBBC event) and the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. These events are covered by separate Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions, as is the Bribie Cup Yacht Race.

All races are open to non QCYC members however, non QCYC members are not eligible for Gold Cup, Club Championship or Pointscore points or placings.

To see the 2022-2023 Summer and Inter-Club Calendar and points score method follow this link.



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