The QCYC Sailing Club is an informal group of like minded QCYC members who meet on a regular basis to go sailing.

As well as experienced sailors, the group also provides a genuine pathway for those that have learnt the basics and who are looking to gain confidence by sailing with a group of others either in their own boat or in one of the Club’s fleet.

Guidance and encouragement rather than detailed tuition is the format and safety and, very importantly, fun are the watchwords that the group operate by.

The QCYC Sailing Club meets at least twice a month on Sundays. Budding and experienced sailors are welcomed alike. The group allows sailors to improve their skills through sailing with others and real time on the water. If you are looking for a formal training environment you should visit our Sailing School pages.

During each session, rescue boat cover is continual and provides a major comfort for everyone, regardless of how much experience they have. As a QCYC Sailing Club member you have access to the fleet of Vagabonds, Corsairs and Lasers, as well as Sailing Club members own boats which include various keelboat designs including multi-hulls and mono-hulls.

The structure of each session is very relaxed and decided based on the weather conditions on the day. For example, a couple of more experienced members could be out in the Lasers, a few others might be taking turns in a Vagabond and a couple of others are getting used to spinnakers in a Corsair or keelboat.

A few times a year the group will plan an overnight trip around Moreton Bay or compete in one of the QCYC race events. What is important is simply to go sailing and gain the experience only hours on the water can bring. You can expect to experience most aspects of sailing vessels, with social, racing and “destination” sailing days planned in advance.

Getting involved with the group is easy; simply join the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club as a crew member (for adults) or junior member (for under 18’s) and then put your name down to get involved. There are no further membership fees to be part of the group but we do collect an annual contribution from you to pay for the costs of maintaining the boats and providing safety cover.

Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Membership

Adult – $195
Junior – $110

QCYC crew membership includes personal accident insurance whilst on the water and affords the holder an Australian Sailing Number as issued by Australian Sailing

Application Form

Group Annual Contribution for costs

Individual or Family – $130

Contribution is one off cost irrespective on the number in your family

Application Form

Getting involved with the group works out at around just $13 per sailing session but if you are still not sure and want to join in with one of the sessions to see if it is for you, this can be arranged in advance for just $25 for the day.

The QCYC Sailing Club is the ideal pathway for anyone who has completed a Yachting Australia Better Sailing course or has similar experience so, what are you waiting for, join today via the forms on this page.

NOTE: We welcome existing members of QCYC to get involved with the group especially if you are willing to use your current boat as part of the activities. In these cases, an 80% saving in the groups contribution cost is applied.

If you wish to try out racing in an official club organised race, you will either need to have an Australian Sailing Number (ASN) through a Sailing Membership or via a temporary SailPass.  Click the link button below to learn more about SailPass and the credit you may receive toward a Sailing membership if you choose to become a Sailing Member of the Club in the same financial year.

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