Rentals - current availability


Marina availability is dependent on boat specs. We have good availability of 12m berths suitable for powerboats; all others are recommended to contact us to discuss.
Hardstand availability is seasonal.Contact us to discuss.
Piles there is a long waiting list for permanent spaces. No further names are currently being added.



Berths for sale

Some berths within the QCYC marina are held via a lease by Club members. All leases expire in 2027. Berths listed below are for sale by Club members; interested parties should contact them direct.


12m Multihull
 B Finger $60K  Steve - 0409504881
 B Finger $105K  Les - 0407 584 451
12m Monohull
A Finger $30K 0414 933 692
C Finger $40K Contact Office
C Finger $48K  0408 881 325
10m Multihull
 D Finger $80K  07 3269 1675
10m Monohull
 C Finger $35K  0438 221 942


Marina & Hardstand Minimize

With access in and out of a well-marked channel, the QCYC is a perfect place to begin your explorations of Moreton Bay.

The Marina consists of 62 berths accommodating vessels up to 15m in length overall. Berths are available for overnight, weekly or long term rental through the QCYC Office. Insurance for your vessel, including public liability cover of at least $10million, is required. Some berths are held by individuals on long term leases and are occasionally resold by the holders.

Marina facilities include:
* Berths from 10m to 15m
* Toilets & Showers
* Dockside Discharge Unit
* Laundry Facilities
* Security
* Power & water to each marina berth
* Photocopy & Fax service

Skippers wishing to rent a berth for longer than one month must be Full or Family Members. For more information on membership, visit our Membership Page.

Full, Family and Country Members who do not own or rent a berth are entitled to moor in the visitors mooring area near the boat ramp free of charge for one night prior to and one night after a race or cruise.

All other members are entitled to discounts on occasional mooring.

A large hardstand area provides for Members requiring storage of their vessel either short or long term basis, with easy access to the Club boat ramp. The boat ramp is capable of handling boats of a gross weight up to eight tonnes.

Nine pile moorings suitable for multihulls and shoal draft vessels are situated opposite the Clubhouse.
Dinghy storage racks are available if required.



  Day Week Calendar Month Six Months
10m Marina Berth $30 $155 $500 $2,775
12m Marina Berth $30 $180


15m Marina Berth $30 $215 $680 $3,775
Pile Mooring     $165 $990
Hardstand   $55 $165 $990

Full or Family membership is compulsory when storing your vessel in the marina or in the hard standing.
The Club does not have long term live aboard availability.
Refundable key Deposit $50



  Day Week Calendar Month
10m Marina Berth $50 $175 $560
12m Marina Berth $50 $200 $630
15m Marina Berth $50 $235 $740
Hardstand   $75 $225
Crew staying on board - per vessel included $60 $240

Prices include temporary membership for the length of your stay.
Refundable key Deposit $50


All rates apply as of July 2017


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